Car and motorcycle tuning for beginners

The importance of see and been seen is of all times. This feeling is especially felt among young people and with all the modern day possibilities its easier than ever to show yourself to the world and those who share the same interest as you. Among car enthusiasts it’s no different and they spend many, many hours working on their beloved vehicles to make them look beautiful but most of all special and unique. Styling and tuning of cars is a way of live, a time-consuming and above all a very expensive way of live!

Young Tuners

When someone is thinking about a workout for his car there are a thousand parts to work on and even more specialised shops to help you out. Decoration and boosting performance has been around since forever we make cars but tuning took a flight in Japan during the 1980’s when young people saw the possibility of using different spoilers from different brands, topping up the engines and adjusting the wheel suspension. Since they are using affordable cars for this, they saved money for buying the car parts that increased both the looks and performance, allowing them to compete with the more expensive sports cars driven by the rich and famous.

Tuning and Styling

Although cars and their performance have played a role in films for many decades , on the release of the first part of The Fast And The Furious in 2001, according to many, car tuning really took off. It’s necessary to make a distinction between Tuning and Styling. For example, tuning aims to increase the car’s ability by adjusting the engine and other components that affect its performance. By styling or pimping a car, however, you focus more on the appearance of the vehicle by using stickers, special paint, high end car audio systems or In Car Entertainment (ICE) and the so-called body kits.

Nowadays, with shops like, purchasing car styling and tuning parts has never been easier!


As we mentioned before, a big and important aspect of all this work on the their cars is for the purpose of showing other and the social aspect of belonging to the group. Next to the numerous forums and websites the community excels in organising car and tuning events. These events, both small and big, often attract thousands of car enthusiasts sharing their common love for cars. The bigger events are used by the bigger car and tuning companies to show their latest development and products and can attract even up to tens of thousands of visitor from all over the world. An example of these big tuner shows are the Hot Import Nights in the USA, an event that travels to various places, staying for 2 days at a time where you can gaze at the new models, drag racing, car shows and music at local race tracks. Also in Europe there are big events like the Tuning World Bodensee in Germany but for the best tuner show you just must go to the Tokyo Auto Show where you can find all the Japanese models, the latest technologies and take a test drive while you at it!