Eibach Springs

The suspension of a car is meant to catch bumps and unevenness in the road while driving to assure the cars good handling. Components that make up the suspension and that therefore jointly ensure a good suspension are the springs, the dampers and the stabilization rod.


Every road, anywhere in the world, has bumps, holes and potholes. When a car does not have a good suspension, you are ensured to have your car bouncing left and right on the road because the bumps are then caught by the carroserie of the car. This makes for very unpleasant driving behavior and also inconvenient situations because the vehicle can no longer be driven correctly.


One of the manufacturers of suspensions and related parts is Eibach. You can go to Eibach for both standard parts and performance enhancement and aesthetic parts sets. Springs and shock absorbers from Eibach are quality products and are divided into different types, namely the lowering springs, the sport line springs and the pro-lift-kit springs.

Through decades of experience Eibach has optimized their products to ensure the lowest weight and height, resulting in great block stability, dynamic durability and maximum travel. Eibach does not only produce their products for the regular car market but is also a big player in the professional race scene and therefor developed their complete Eibach Race Spring System. This system (ERS) is nowadays seen as world’s most prominent and superior Race Spring system.

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