Bilstein suspension

Bilstein is known for their quality shock absorbers and it has been a leading name in the industry for car parts for decades. When it comes to shock absorbers and suspension springs Bilstein makes sure they deliver high quality performance and optimal driving comfort. The innovations this company has developed over the years are still being applied today and Bilstein is especially well known for its excellent gas pressure shock absorber. Even nowadays Bilstein continues to develop products that affect both the regular car market as well as high end costumers in the Formula 1 and Le Mans 24-hour race circuits.

Quality Parts

Suspension systems have been used ever since the early years of the automobile, even though you need not expect a lot from the first conventional shock absorbers that were fitted to the first cars. It was until the early ’50’s of the last century that Bilstein realised that there is a whole big market for high quality shock absorbers that could take away the inconveniences of vibrations and shocks in the increasing rapid development of cars in general. That this would also contribute to road safety through better road handling and driving characteristics of cars was an additional advantage.

Even today, the car industry is still developing and trying to make progress in terms of performance and safety through continuous component innovation. By combining the knowledge and expertise of other specialists in the industry, Bilstein hopes to continue to make an important contribution in the future. Since the late ‘80s, Bilstein has setup a partnership with ThyssenKrupp Technologies AG, but they also still develop products with other manufacturers within their own segment. The car industry is not standing still and in view of the developments in recent years, this is not to be expected in the near future. The same applies to the company Bilstein and the other parts manufacturers so also in the future there is still a lot to expect.

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